Explicit teaching model

untitled (2).pngIn my first week of professional experience, I have been exposed to lots of frameworks and teaching models that have been discussed through various courses over the duration of my degree, so it is really nice to see some of them in action in a classroom.

One of these models is the Explicit Teaching Model. My mentor uses this model in her classroom for all of her lessons, especially those where a new skill is being introduced. The I Do, We Do, You Do process is designed to be a gradual release of responsibility.

Today I had the opportunity to practice this model in some of my lessons. The process worked really well for me and provided a great structure to my lessons. My maths lesson on 3D shapes required the students to complete a table. Year 2 students find tables quite challenging so a great example of this was – I will do the first column so you can see how I do it, we will do the next one together, you do the next one while I watch (and give feedback) and then you complete the rest on your own.

Another component of the explicit teaching model is to begin with a warm up. The warm up is designed to review something already learnt (accessing their prior knowledge) about that topic and move information from the short term to long term memory through the recall process.

This site provides more details about explicit teaching and some video examples.



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