Word Clouds

Since meeting with my mentor a couple of weeks ago, I have been madly searching the internet for ideas and ways I can incorporate ICTs into my lesson plans on my upcoming professional experience. My challenge as I have written previously about is the limited availability of ICTs in my context.

I do have an opportunity to create lesson plans for the weekly computer lab lesson for my year 2 students. My mentor teacher has explained that during this time, they usually do reading eggs so I can just do this or come up with something else for this time. They have some limited experience in creating a word document and PowerPoint. The other challenge is finding a curriculum link for such an activity so I am not just teaching something ‘just because’ I have to do a lesson involving ICT.

In my search, I came across the idea of word clouds. I have seen these before and think they are fantastic. The idea could support any subject area where they children can create a vocab list to display the words they know relevant to that content. Eg. Science words or literacy. However, like Kim has written in her blog, I have been unsuccessful at using the Wordle program that everyone else seems to find super easy! Kim provided a link to a site called Tagul that she said was successful for her, so I will have a go at that one. I also found a site called ABCya that has a Word Cloud for kids section but each student would have to register and subscribe to the site. I believe this would be extremely time consuming to set up for one activity.



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